NDORS Scheme Management

Fleet Optima can help organisations involved in the NDORS scheme’s in several ways.

Licencing and Audits

In order to offer courses service providers, are required to attain a licence and successfully complete an external audit conducted by NDORS.  Fleet Optima has a proven track record of supporting service providers through this process so that they gain their full licence entitling them to run courses for two years. 

Train the Trainer

All trainers used on these schemes must be licenced by NDORS and Fleet Optima can supply NDORS licenced instructors for the entire suite of courses, we can mark trainer’s assessment papers and request licences from NDORS which will enable the service provider to book clients using that trainers ID.

CPD events can be organised for your team and we can tailor these courses to your specific requirements.  Popular courses include but is not limited to, refresher training, coaching skills and driver psychology, presentation skills.


Trainer management

At Fleet Optima we understand that running these schemes can be a significant amount of work particularly for new service providers.  We can help by managing trainers and taking over tasks so that your efficiency is improved resulting in costs reduction.


Policies and procedures

Fleet Optima can also assist service providers in the creation of policies and procedures.  We have created all manner of documentation required to run NDORS courses, from Quality Assurance policies through to Standard Operating Procedure guidance for trainers.


If you feel we might be of service call on 0845 0945 535 for a no obligation chat about any of our services.

we were assisted in the creation of suitable trainer guidance for all courses by Lloyd Jones (Driver Education Gloucestershire - Regional Coordinators), who had connections with other providers and who brought experience to bear with delivery of our induction training and the setting up of mentoring and monitoring processes since.
— David Hawker Unit head Criminal Justice Department, Gloucestershire Constabulary, December 2018