Quality Assurance and Performance Management

As qualified assessors we offer several services to organisations which contract trainers.


We can visit your team on-site and carry out an assessment of their performance and supply you with a balanced written report as well as offer those observed developmental feedback.

Performance Management

The once yearly appraisal that employees dread we can transform into a supportive and transformational system that promotes continuous improvement.


If you have a team of assessors already working in your organisation, we can help with standardisation to ensure all those observed are monitored against equal criteria.

Train the Monitor

If you already have an assessment process in place or you wish to train up a team, we can help you get the maximum from those involved and help to avoid the pitfalls of an unsafe process.

Policy and procedures

We can help with the creation of Quality Assurance policies and procedures to ensure that you have a safe and robust system in place which maximises the performance of your team.

“We are excited to have arranged for Lloyd Jones to have an input on both days. He is a highly experienced monitor and will be happy to answer questions on monitoring, as well as offering the opportunity for role play. Participants will be able to monitor him as he plays the part of a trainer. “
— Sarah DiSalvo, NDORS Assessment Manager UKROed (December 2018)